3 Ways To Boost Your Immune System And Fight The Flu Naturally

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Spring is still a few weeks away, which unfortunately means we aren’t yet in the clear where colds and flu are concerned.

The flu is especially harsh this year and you’re going to want to try and prevent it before it can even begin.

If however, you have succumbed to a cold or flu then these tips will help to ease your discomfort and get you feeling like yourself again!

Stick to liquids

You aren’t likely to have much of an appetite anyway, but when you do eat try and stick to warming soups and broths and away from heavy solid foods that are going to use extra energy to digest.

We swear by this cold busting soup, filled with nutrients to boost your immune system and lots of heat to help you sweat your virus out.

Also be sure to stay hydrated by sipping on warm water and herbal teas throughout the day.

Add essential oils into your shower routine

The steam from the shower is just asking for an essential oil such as a spritz of our breathe spray.

This spray contains essential oils including Eucalyptus to clear up congestion and pain associated with sinus headaches, as well as peppermint to soothe a cough and thin out mucus making it easier to expel.

Be sure to spritz some around your room and on your pillow too.

Become familiar with natural antibiotics

It may be tempting to run to the doctor for antibiotics, but antibiotics prescribed by your doc don’t only kill bad bacteria, but good bacteria too putting you at risk for stomach upset and even a yeast infection, no thanks!

You may be surprised to learn that there are actually a few natural ingredients that provide potent antibiotic properties while promoting good gut bacteria and reducing inflammation in the body.

Our three favorites are turmeric, ginger and garlic! Use them to flavor your foods, in a tea or try this delicious golden milk recipe that you won’t believe you didn’t know about before now!

Don’t let a cold or flu defeat you. Follow our tips to get better in no time!

boost your immune system fight the flu naturally

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