Ease Pain (And More!) With An Epsom Salt Bath Soak

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When it comes to relieving issues such as chronic pain or to simply ease our stress levels, sometimes we need to go back to nature and rely on a remedy that has been trusted for centuries.

We all know how wonderful it feels to soak in a hot bath after a long day and while hot baths have incredible benefits, why not take your soak in the tub to the next level by adding in some Epsom salts?

Epsom salt is named after a bitter saline spring located at Epsom in Surrey, England, where this natural compound was first distilled from water. If you have a green thumb then you may know that Epsom salt is a natural way to increase plant growth, while athletes have relied on Epsom salt to relieve sore muscles for ages.

The benefits don’t end there though!

What Are The Benefits of Epsom Salt Baths?

There are many factors that contribute to stress and prolonged exposure to stressful situations can leave you feeling tense with sore muscles and poor sleep.

This is where the therapeutic benefits of Epsom salt comes in…

Epsom salts can be broken down into magnesium, sulfur and oxygen and this is good news for you, because by naturally boosting your magnesium levels, Epsom baths provide a heap of benefits.

Magnesium is responsible for regulating over 300 enzymes in the body, but most people are actually deficient in this important mineral. Magnesium helps to relax the muscles, increase energy production and aid in the elimination of toxins that may be contributing to physical effects including fatigue, arthritis and digestive disorders. Magnesium is also important for mental wellbeing and can help ease feeling of depression and anxiety. It will also help you to sleep like a baby!

Epsom baths help to reduce inflammation in the body which can help to ease pain and they’re also excellent for regulating blood sugar levels, thus helping to amp up your energy levels and reduce your risk of diabetes.

Why You Need To Try Our Epsom Salt Bath

We’re all for the power of essential oils here at Jane Inc, so it’s only natural we’ve added an essential oil to our all natural Epsom salt bath. Artemesia vulgaris essential oil, also known as mugwort, has herbal benefits for a variety of ailments including colds, insomnia and depression. We’ve also added sea salt and arnica powder to further detoxify and reduce inflammation in the body. You’ll be ready to take on the world when you step out of the tub!

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