Conventional Bath Bombs VS Our Bath Fizzies

There's nothing more relaxing than a hot soak in the tub after a long day. Honestly, it's what we look forward to on those particularly stressful days and that's why we have created a whole line dedicated to your bath time pampering!

One of the most popular bath products are bath bombs, or as we refer to them, bath fizzies. They are so much fun and come in a variety of colors and scents to take your evening pampering to the next level. Why should kiddos have all the fun!

Unfortunately, most conventional bath fizzies include nasty synthetic chemicals that can put your health at risk, as your body absorbs 60% of topically applied products or soaks. In fact, even LUSH, one of the most popular "natural" bath and body companies, is not so natural after all. All you need to do is probe a little deeper into their labels...

Here at Jane Inc, we believe that pampering and wellness go hand in hand. What's the point of treating yourself to luxurious products if they are putting your health at risk? This is why we are so excited to introduce our beautiful range of bath fizzies formulated in an all natural base and a healing blend of essential oils, herbs and mineral salts depending on what your body is craving at the time.

Keep reading to learn more as we break down our ingredients for you one by one.

The Base

All of our bath bombs are formulated in a base of sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, sea salt and spirulina. The rest of the ingredients are only pure herbs and essential oils to cater to your specific needs and to provide a beautiful natural scent without the use of artificial fragrance.

Sodium bicarbonate is simply baking soda, that stuff you add to cookies and cakes, so you know this one's safe. Sodium bicarbonate offers gentle exfoliating properties for the skin and will leave it feeling baby soft.

Citric acid is found in citrus fruits, and is wonderful for unclogging the pores, brightening the skin and even treating wrinkles!

Sea salt provides excellent detoxifying benefits for the skin and will provide a deep down cleanse you can feel when you step out of the tub. Your skin will feel completely renewed.

Spirulina is usually that green powder we add to our morning smoothie to boost our health, but did you know this blue-green algae is just as good for your skin? Spirulina will reduce inflammation in the skin, fight free radicals and draw impurities out. Spirulina really does it all!


Now that you can feel good about letting this one fizz in your tub, it’s time to decide which one is right for you this evening.

Choose one for muscle aches, stress, cold and sinus, to detox, to help you sleep or to boost your energy. Look out for our next article where we we talk a little more about the ingredients in each fizzie. Now be sure to pour yourself a glass of fizz, while your fizzie gets to work in your bath, you’ve earned it! 

Note that our Rx bath cubes are completely natural too, meaning your options are simply endless!