2 Simple Ways To Take Your At Home Yoga Practice To The Next Level

If you’re like most at home yogis, you turn to your daily yoga practice to clear your head.

When life gets especially overwhelming though, it can be easy to skip time on the mat and instead cocoon yourself in a cozy blanket for the day. This is usually the time when you need yoga the most, and could actually benefit from taking it to the next level.

When you’re struggling to find fresh inspiration in your moving meditation and want to expand your yoga home practice, here are two helpful ways you can take it up a notch (or two!).

Create a Calming Atmosphere

Before you hop on your mat and dive into your first vinyasa, it’s important to set the mood by creating an atmosphere that will support your practice. By spritzing some of our Less Stress spray into the air and taking a few deep breaths, your mind will start to clear, your heart rate will slow down and you’ll ease into your practice in the best way possible!

Also be sure to practice in a room that feels relaxing for you. We recommend a room with no clutter, lighting a few candles and perhaps even playing some soothing music in the background. Your yoga practice is time for you so be sure to enjoy every minute of it.

Upgrade your Savasana

We all look forward to a good savasana at the end of a sweaty (or calming) practice. This is the time for you to allow the nutrients of your practice to set in and it sets the tone for the whole day ahead. Of course you may be practicing at night, in which case your savasana sets the tone for a great night’s rest!

This pose may seem super simple, but it’s actually one of the most challenging for the simple fact that you have to completely relax, and unfortunately many of us are not wired this way. To help you stay in the present moment and get the most out of your savasana, we recommend placing one of our incredibly soothing eye pillows gently over your eyes. By blocking out light and allowing the soothing aroma of lavender to fill your nostrils, you’ll soon feel completely relaxed.

These tips may seem too easy, but small things like this can really make all the difference. Give it a try and share your results with us!